How to sew Origami cushion cover

I’m so happy to finally share the cushions cover I made for our new couch. It was quite a long process to create the pattern and to adjust the size but, after five attempt, it came out exactly the way I wanted. If you take a closer look you will see that the right cushion was still a trial phase. For once I sewed with care, paying attention to the finishes and I loved it! Of course I’m happy with the pillow covers, but I’m also pretty proud of my sewing work!

I know that usually the tutorials on my blog are free, but I wanted a little compensation for all the hard work it took to make the pattern. So you can purchase it on my etsy shop at a very affordable price, no worries! The PDF pattern to make the Origami cushion come with a full photo tutorial that shows you how to sew this pattern together. I think it’s accessible even for sewing beginners, just follow the instructions and be precise in the measurements.

I hope you will enjoy it, I’m curious to see the color combinations that you will use!






  1. patti
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  2. Dinah
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    Amaryllis, these are wonderful! The graphic design is modern yet being origami, they give a respectful bow to tradition. Perfect! I’ll have to sketch some color combos. I wonder if subtle shade variations would emphasize the folding theme. Thanks so much. Good to see a new project from you. I have Roman shades all over my living room and kitchen from your tutorial!

    • amaryllis
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      Thank you so much Dinah! There so much color combination possible with this pattern. I may give a try with light pink shades!

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