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How to sew a crib bumper and a baby blanket

I'm so happy to finally share my first sewing project for our future baby with you! I'm not planning on decorate a room into a nursery. First, because we only have a 3 bedrooms house and second because I did decorate, paint, made blinds for both of my first children...and they prefer to sleep together! My son doesn't care about sleeping into a girly pink room (you can see some pics HERE if you like too).
I still wanted to do something special for the baby. And, as a crafter, it means MAKE something!
A new crib bedding was the perfect project.

Beside sewing them, I also made the peacock feather design! Which make the bumper and the blanket even more special and personal! I was able to create this unique crib bedding thanks to Contrado! Those guys are amazing! They can print any design on (almost) any kind of fabric, so if you are looking to create your own fabric pattern, I will definitely recommend them. The design and the colors were exactly what I was expecting and the delivery was fast (which is quite exceptional considering I live in Mexico and delivery services use to be quite hazardous).

I love that my baby will have a unique crib bedding, sewn and designed by her mom!

I was lucky enough to find a matching polka dots fabric for the inside of the bumper. I also get some white fleece fabric to make a cute blanket. Beside fabric you will need ribbon, matching thread and wadding.

The first thing you need to do is taking the crib inside dimensions. Our is 120 cm x 60 cm (47 in. x 24 in.) To make the bumper I used 2 m of fabric (2 yards).

You need to cut 4 rectangles in the outside fabric. All rectangles will have the same high of 33cm /13 inches. The first 2 rectangles must have the lenght of the crib + 1 1/2 inch or 4cm. The other 2 rectangles must have the width of the crib + 1 1/2 in. or 4cm.

I hope it's not to confuse, I give you an example:

Metric system:
My crib dimensions are 120cm x 60 cm.
So I will have 2 big fabric rectangles of 124 x 33 cm and 2 small rectangles of  64 x 33 cm. Then you have to cut 4 identical rectangles in the inside fabric. So you will end up with 4 long rectangles and 4 short rectangles (2 in each fabric).

US system:
My crib dimensions are 47in X 24in.
So I will have 2 big fabric rectangles of 48 1/2 in. x 13 in. and 2 small rectangles of  25 1/2 in. x 13 in. Then you have to cut 4 identical rectangles in the inside fabric. So you will end up with 4 long rectangles and 4 short rectangles (2 in each fabric).

Place two small rectangles on top of each other, right side inward. Pin the edges together. Cut 4 pieces of ribbon of approximately 40 cm / 15 in. Put one on each corner between each fabric layer and pin.

Sew the edges on 3 sides, leave one of the small side open. Repeat to make a second small bumper.

You can repeat the exact same process to sew the long bumper. You will just add two extra ribbon in the center. Cut 2 ribbon pieces of  80 cm / 30 in. Fold them in the middle and place them between the fabric layers on the center of the rectangles. Those ribbons will allow you to attach the bumper to the crib and prevent it from bending.

Turn your fabric rectangles right side out. Cut wadding foam at the same dimension as the rectangles and fill them with the foam.

Fold the edges through the inside, pin and sew. Once your four rectangles are filled with foam and closed, you can attach them on the crib making pretty knots with the ribbons.

Let's start the baby blanket. I choose to make a big one, you can reduce the size if you want it for a new born. Cut a square of 1m x 1m (1 ft x 1 ft) in the fabric and one in the fleece.

Place the fabrics on top of each other, right side inward. Pin the edges and sew them together, leaving and unsewn gap of 20 cm / 10 in.

Turn the right side out, pin the opening and make a few hand stitches to close it.

Make an extra seam on all the blanket perimeter, at more or less 1cm (1/2 in.) from the edges. And done, your pretty and very soft blanket id ready for baby!

A lovely little crib for our future baby! The tutorial to upcycling our old denims into a rug is HERE.

Thank you again Contrado to help me create this stunning fabric design!

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I received a free fabric coupon from Contrado in exchange for writing a review on the blog. 
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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Interior inspiration # Modern equestrian decor

If you are a horse lover you surely have some equestrian items around your house. I'm not familiar with the equestrian world and the first thing who comes to my mind when talking about equestrian house decor are dark rooms full of trophy, medals and old horses pictures.

Not really my style but, looking around, I discovered that the equestrian style can be very modern and pleasant. I will give you a few tips to archive this style in your home. Depending of how big is your love for horses, you can play with some touches or go for the total look.

Let's talk about the materials. the room have to be furnished with natural elements like leather, wood, linen fabric, rope. If you have to compose with your existing furniture you can, for example, cover a wall with planks (pic 1), add a leather carpet or a sheepskin rug, and use some plaids on the couch.
You can also add an equestrian vibe by choosing horse fabric for the curtains, the pillows or even a horse duvet if you are planning to decorate a bedroom (pic 6).
For the colors, you will prefer natural shades, it can be white or ivory. You can also play with darker colors if you like, grey, black and dark brown will work great. But again think about nature and outdoor spirit when choosing the paint. If you like pattern, an other great option to dress up your walls is using wallpaper (pic 8).

The must have is definitely to hang a horse wall art as the eye catching piece of your decor (pic 5). You can get a printed picture on canvas, a horse sticker or add some antiques prints. Choosing a black and white or a close-up picture will give the room a more modern touch.

If you want something more subtle, you can choose to just add little equestrian details (pic 3). Think about horseshoes coat hanger, brass horse curtain tiebacks (pic 4), and some printed cushions. If you are lucky enough to ride horses, don't hide your horse riding equipment (pic 7). Find a nice coat hanger and a boots rack (pic 2) and expose it as part of the decoration. 

I hope you enjoy this interior inspiration post! Is there a particular decor topic you would like to talk about? You can leave me your suggestions in comment!

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Monday, March 20, 2017

DIY to try # Laundry hamper

It's always easier to have the house well organize. I try to to do my best keep every thing ordered but sometimes things get out of control! Especially when I craft....but this is an other story. The kids have to do them part of work also. They have to order them room, keep them shoes in the closet and put dirty clothes in the laundry basket! Even if I have to yell repeat them every day. Our laundry basket in an ugly green plastic container. So I'm thinking of replacing it with something nicer. I really like the ones with weals, so practical. It's time to share with you the clever and pretty ideas I came across.
Tell me, how is your laundry basket? Did you customize it? Do you have any other DIY idea to suggest?

 DIY laundry basket // Nostalgiecat

DIY laundry hamper liner // We can make anything

DIY wire laundry hamper // The Merrythought

DIY embroidery hoops hamper // Making nice in the midwest

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