Friday, February 17, 2017

A stylish paper mobile

More paper craft on the blog today! I create a black and white mobile inspired by the traditional otomi embroidery work. It's a very simple DIY to make and you can hang it from the ceiling, on a window or on the wall. I just love mobile, they are a great way to fill the space and to decorate a room.

Beside the printable available for purchase in my shop, you will need a pair of scissors, glue, white or nylon thread, a needle and a dowel of approximately 2 feet.

You first need to download and print the PDF. I will suggest to print the drawings on a good quality paper (at least a 120 gr. paper). Then put glue on the back of the paper and fold each drawing in the middle following the dot line.   


Cut out each shape, leaving a space of 1/8 inch between the drawing line and you scissor cut.

The only shape that comes on two paper sheets is the Quetzal bird, just put some glue on the back of one sheet and glue them together, back side against back side.

Then you can cut the bird as you did for the other shapes.

Place the drawings on a flat surface and move them around until you are satisfied with them position. To attach the shapes together, pass a piece of thread into the needle. Punch a hole with the needle into the shape and fix the thread with a knot.

Use the same piece of thread to punch a hole in a second shape. Pass the thread through the hole and fix with a knot. Repeat the same process until all the pieces of a row are fixed together.

Attach each row of shapes on a dowel. Just wrap the thread around the dowel and finish by a knot. To be able to hang your mobile, cut and extra a piece of threat and fix it with a knot at each end of the dowel. And done, your mobile is ready to hang!

You can purchase the PDF HERE

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

DIY plywood phone stand

A practical and stylish DIY to hold your phone. This will allow me to skype during hours and be able to continue crafting or cooking meanwhile. I already do several things at the same time but it will be much safer for my phone now on.

It's a quite simple project to make and it's perfect if you want to use the reclaim wood lying around! Plus, this stand works also perfectly to hold a tablet.

So tell me, How do you hold your phone during long skype or facetime conversation? Any trick to share?

 You will find the full tutorial HERE on Dream a little bigger. 

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Monday, February 13, 2017

DIY to Try # pegboard

When we see a pegboard we think of garage storage or tools organizer. But it can also be use inside the house as a great decor element. You can hang it in your office or craft room, as a very practical office supplies organizer. You can make your own big pegboard out of plywood and build a statement storage wall. You can also cut funny shapes to create a jewelry display or a Christmas tree. There is a lot of options, and remember you can always paint or customize the boards to fit your decor.

 Giant pegboard DIY // Vintage revivals

 DIY mountain stand jewelry // My white idea DIY
DIY pegboard words // Lovely indeed

DIY painted cross stitches pegboard // Craft and Creativity

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