Monday, May 29, 2017

Creative decor ideas inspired by the moon

I don't know if it's because the weather is so hot, and I desperately wait for the night to bring some freshness. But I figure that you would enjoy some moon inspired decor ideas! I found some great tutorials, some representing the moon phases and others just showing beautiful full moon. I never made any moon inspired DIY, but it's definitely something I have to keep in the back of my mind! So tell me, do you have any moon decor home? Which idea is your favorite?

Picture above: DIY moon clock

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Our bathroom reveal

Just a little reminder from where we came from. This is what our bathroom looks like when we moved in. Ugly plastic drawers, no shelves, no mirror, no lamps...nothing! I would love to say that I made all the upgrades in a weekend...but the true is, it took me 6 years! Better late than never! Even if I have still work to do in this room, let's say it's going in the right direction. It always takes me time to decide what I want, and as I try to make everything on a budget, it involve a lot of DIY. Which I love to make but it takes more time!

This what our bathroom looks now! It's kind of cool to see the evolution! Don't you agree? It really motivates me to keep working on the house!

As I said it involves a few DIY, here is the list with a link to each ones if you want to have a look.

I almost forget, the tutorial to make this modern coat rack is HERE.

It looks pretty nice all clean and bad it never last. I have still a lot of work pending in this room, like a door, a lamp for the shower, and the bathtub. Nothing I can DIY I think. I also added a pic of the (missing) bathtub and the mess in it...not as pretty as the rest but you can see how it is really!

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

3 Tips to choosing a great residential plumber in your area

Plumbing services aren’t hard to find. You can come across plumbers offering their services through a website, on a TV advertisement, your local newspaper, fliers, and other types of print and electronic media. You can also ask for referrals from your friends and family members. With so many options, how do you decide which one to hire?
A great plumber gets the work done in a timely and professional manner. When you’re working with a professional, they know the value of time and money and how to respect your home. It’s easy to just choose whoever charges the least so you can save money. But because plumbers work on important parts of your home such as your water supply line and waste disposal system, it’s necessary that you choose the right plumber. This doesn’t mean he/she charges the least or the most, but the one who knows what he/she is doing so you don’t have to spend for more repairs in the future.
Here are three tips to keep in mind when choosing a great residential plumber.

Good communication. For any type of installation or repair, good communication is essential. This starts during your first contact until job completion. When there is good communication, both parties are able to relay their messages across and are able to reach a mutual understanding. The plumber should be able to tell you what’s wrong, what needs to be done, and how much is the estimated cost. He/she should be able to explain things in a simple manner, using terms that you understand, and answers whatever questions or clarifications you may have.

Licenses and experience. Having a license to do plumbing jobs means the plumber has the knowledge and skills that are required for plumbing jobs. While most states do require plumbers to have licenses, some states don’t. An updated license also means the plumber has taken certain certifications or exams to keep themselves updated.  Consider also the plumber’s experience with plumbing jobs. Some may have taken vocational training or certifications while others may have learned based on their experience while working on the job.

Pricing. When it comes to giving you an estimated cost, the right plumber will be able to give you a correct estimate. Some plumbers already charge for their initial visit so make sure you ask this prior to scheduling a visit. Don't immediately jump in if it’s too low or immediately turn it down if it’s too high. Consider estimates from other plumbers as well and see how close are their estimates from each other. You need an accurate estimate so that you can budget the expenses and not be surprised when it’s time to pay the bill. Ask also for any additional expenses that you have to be prepared of in case there are problems that will arise.
Whenever you have water related problems in your home, it’s good to have a reliable plumber that you can contact right away. For your plumbing needs, you can call the plumber in McKinney to fix whatever needs to be fixed. And when you’re satisfied with the job, make sure to give a good recommendation.  

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Monday, May 22, 2017

6 pretty DIY to customize your sandals

 Time to put some nail polish on and expose your pretty feet to the sun! I like shoes and sandals are no exception. I prefer to own several pairs and change often. So I try not to spend a lot of money for each one of them. The good thing is that sandals are easily customizable. You can get a simple pair for a few dollars and add some tassels or yarn to turn them into the last fashion item of your wardrobe! You will save money and have a very unique pair of shoe! Pretty cool don't you thing? I found some nice tutorials to get inspired by, don't hesitate to share your customization in comment!

 Picture above: DIY tassels sandals


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