Friday, April 28, 2017

How to make a pretty round purse using rope

I already told you how fun it is to craft with rope. I made a basket by sewing rope, and recently give a try making some planters just gluing layers of rope together (tutorial coming soon). Both techniques are similar and fun. I feel that gluing the rope is easier, because not every one own a sewing machine, and buying a glue gun is very accessible. As fun as it is to make baskets, I just wanted to try something different, so I came up with the idea of making a round purse. It turns out quite nicely and it's just on time for Mother's day! So if you are looking to make a nice homemade gift, I've you covered: let's make a pretty rope purse!

Material you will need: some rope, a glue gun, two metallic rings, a small chain, some ribbons and beads, a pair of scissors.

 Take one end of the rope an start rolling it on itself adding glue between each rope layer.

Keep gluing the rope until you made a circle of  apoximatley 9 inches diameter. Leave a piece of 4 inches unglued rope at the end. You will use this rope to make a loop to hold the chain shoulder strap. Repeat step one and two to make a second identical circle.

At the beginning I was thinking on just gluing both circle on top of each other to make the purse, but this will not have allowed enough space to keep my stuff inside. So you will need to make the purse a side using the same rope. Take one circle and start gluing the rope on the edge. Start where the unglued rope is and glue the rope along the circle edge, a little further than a half circle. Then fold the rope on itself and glue it back on top of the first rope layer.

Glue several rope layers on top of each other to have a high of 1 inch approximately. Once you are finish cut the extra rope lenght. Add some glue on the side you just made and fix the second circle on top of it. Put attention that the unglued rope of both circles must be placed next to the purse opening, one on each side.

Fold and glue the unglued rope to make a loop on each side of the purse opening.

Pass a ring around the loop and attach the chain shoulder strap with it.

And done, you purse is finished. You can use any color of rope you like. As I used white rope I wanted to add a pop of color and embellish it

So I glue some ribbons, peals and hanged a tassel on it. You can also add artificial flowers, felt shapes, make some embroidery work...have fun customize your purse. I'm pretty happy who it turns out! What do you think? How would you like to decorate your purse?

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for 2017

Bathroom style in 2017 is all about clean, minimalist designs that can offer you a timeless look without compromising functionality. If you’re looking into bathroom remodeling in the ct area, let ADCS give you the lowdown on some of the current top trends.

Freestanding Tubs

Perfect for a bathroom with more space to showcase, free standing tubs are an amazing way to add a functional stylish feature into your bathroom. You can opt for the more classic vintage claw-foot or go modern with a sleek spa tub. It’s up to you, but one thing is for sure, a freestanding tub is a great statement piece for any bathroom with a substantial amount of space to fill. 

Bold Patterned Tiles
Quality tiles are of course one of the most essential features of a well designed bathroom. In 2017 patterned tiles are back in a big way. They’re an amazing way to add some interest to an otherwise plain bathroom. You can choose from a range of styles. Think Moroccan, Mediterranean, or a modern geometric pattern. For an ultra modern look you can even go one step further by using tiles in different shapes, such as hexagonal, to really create a feature out of your tiling.

Oversized Mirrors

Light is an important aspect of any bathroom. One perfect way to reflect light and make any space feel bigger is with a statement oversized mirror. Oversize is the new trend for 2017 and at ADCS you can choose from a wide range of stylish mirrors that can make the most of your space and fit in with your design.

Effective Light Fixtures
Although often overlooked, an interesting light fixture can really add emphasis and complete a bathroom’s finish. Whether you opt for a trendy industrial exposed bulb or even a glamorous chandelier style to add some luxury to your bathroom, make sure you don’t overlook the ability that a light fixture can provide to complete the look of the space.

Innovative Storage Options

All quality bathroom remodeling contractors need to ensure that they provide functionality to a bathroom without compromising the overall design aesthetic. ADCS is continuously looking at innovative designs that can add storage options without compromising the style of the bathroom. They have a wide range of quality options to suit many styles of bathrooms.

Wall Mounted Faucets

Often used for minimalist bathrooms in small spaces, a wall mounted faucet can act as a feature in its own right. Mounted directly on the wall, a great way to save some space, you can easily play around with different metals and contrast them with white or even patterned tiles to achieve a stylish look.

If you’re a fan of these 2017 trends and are looking for bathroom remodeling ct contact ADCS. They pride themselves on a mix of creativity, technical skills, and experience to always ensure a successful project and a quality, stylish bathroom you can fall in love with.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

How to make a quick wall art banner flag

I'm glad to share with you the last tutorial I made for Allison, from Dream a Little Bigger. It's a fun craft to add some color in a room. It's perfect if you have a small blank wall you want to fill, or to decorate a teen bedroom. I hanged these banners in our night hall, above my DIY bookcase! I used left over of the paint from our entry! This decor cost me nothing! You would never guest what I used to made these message banner flags? Have a look at DALB to find out!

You will find the tutorial HERE

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Monday, April 24, 2017

7 tutorials to make beautiful coasters
DIY scandi coaster // The lovely drawer

 Can you feel that summer is just around the corner? I can't wait to holiday time, lying around with a fresh drink! I will have to limit my self to fruit juice for the moment but even that way I enjoy the apero time! I like to set every thing on the patio table: some snacks, the drinks, some nice music and obviously the inevitable coasters. They just make the apero time more festive! I you feel like you need a new set of coasters for this summer, just have a look at those great tutorials, I'm sure you will be inspired! 

 DIY woven coaster // A pretty fix

 DIY oange slice coasters // Dans le lake house

 DIY geometric clay trivets // The Merrythought

Make faux marble coasters // Your DIY family

Customized cork coasters // We must be dreamers

Custom neoprene coasters // My so called crafty life

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