Monday, March 20, 2017

DIY to try # Laundry hamper

It's always easier to have the house well organize. I try to to do my best keep every thing ordered but sometimes things get out of control! Especially when I craft....but this is an other story. The kids have to do them part of work also. They have to order them room, keep them shoes in the closet and put dirty clothes in the laundry basket! Even if I have to yell repeat them every day. Our laundry basket in an ugly green plastic container. So I'm thinking of replacing it with something nicer. I really like the ones with weals, so practical. It's time to share with you the clever and pretty ideas I came across.
Tell me, how is your laundry basket? Did you customize it? Do you have any other DIY idea to suggest?

 DIY laundry basket // Nostalgiecat

DIY laundry hamper liner // We can make anything

DIY wire laundry hamper // The Merrythought

DIY embroidery hoops hamper // Making nice in the midwest

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