Monday, March 6, 2017

DIy to Try # Customized denim jackets

We all own at least one denim jacket, it's a timeless wardrobe piece. Now that the spring is around the corner, we will be be able to wear it again! If you feel that your classical denim jacket need a little twist to start this new season, from a bleach dye to and embroidery patch, you will find the perfect inspiration here under! Are you gonna try it? Tell me, which one is your favorite?

 DIY bleach dye denim jacket // A pair and a spare

The tattooed denim jacket // Second chance by Susan

 DIY denim jacket // Rackk and ruin
Spring sleeves denim jacket // Always Rooney

 DIY denim embroidery // Honestly WTF

DIY embroidery jacket // A pair and a spare 
(I know it's not a denim jacket but it looks awesome and will work great on a denim also)

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