Friday, January 29, 2016

How to sew a huge and cosy blanket

Weather is kind of freezing right now...yep even here in Mexico!!! So a huge, fluffy and comfy bed cover sounds like heaven! Maybe it's gonna make things even harder in the morning...
The blanket is quite easy to sew, but does take a lot of time! Basically you have to cut a bunch of triangles a sew them together. 

The blanket dimensions are made for a king size bed. You have to choose two fabric, one for the outside  and one for the liner. I picked a grey fluffy fleece and a white polar fleece as liner. You will need 7 yard / 6 meters of each fabric (for 5 ft. / 1.5 meter wide fabric).
First big job is cutting all the triangles, which mean 120 pieces! Trace a 20 inches side equilateral triangle on a cardboard piece and use it as template to report the shape on the fabric.

Cut out all your triangles. You will need 60 triangles and 10 half triangles in both fabric. It's time consuming and quite messy but don't give up it totally worth it!

Start sewing the triangles together to make a row (like the yellow shape on the sketch). Place a fabric triangle right side down, and on top a liner triangle right side up. Then put a second liner triangle wrong side up and finish with a fabric triangle right side up. Pin and sew one side.

Open the triangles and sew the next ones. A liner triangle right side down and on top a fabric triangle right side up. Pin the edge and sew.

And repeat until you completed a row of 10 triangles (fabric and liner). Finish the row with half triangles on each side to have straight edges.

From this point you have to do the same thing to sew a second row of 10 triangles. One your two first rows and done, place them on top of each other with the liner inwards, pin and sew one side lengthwise.

Then sew a third, fourth, fifth and sixth row of 10 triangles (don't forget the half triangles at each end). And sew all the rows side by side to complete your bed cover. Once you are done, you can trim each triangle tip for a nicer finish.

Tadaaaaaam! And an other pic in the bedroom.

I love it!!! You can find all the DIY from this pic (and more) in the bedroom makeover post.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

DIY armrest table

 This armrest table is a great addition to any couch or armchair. Just picture yourself comfortably seated to see a great movie or reading your favorite book, and having everything you need on hand. Remote control, a yummy snack or a drink, no need to move around all is near you with this great DIY table! You can make one for yourself, I swear you don't need hundreds of carpentry tools to complete this work, have a look at my tutorial on Bob Vila!

You will find the step by step tutorial on Bob Vila.

Monday, January 25, 2016

DIY to try # Letters

A nice way to add a little fun to your decor is playing with letters. You can write a all word or use just one letter.  Whatever you choose to make, it will always be very personal and unique. Have a look at those tutorials to make you own decor. I couldn't select only 5 DIY, so this Monday you have a 10 tutorials to get inspired by!

DIY wire letter // Historias de casa

DIY planter letter // Burkatron

DIY solid gold letters // Fall for DIY

DIY moss letters // The Merrythought

DIY marquee letter // La chica de la casa de caramelo

DIY concrete letter // Learning, creating, living

DIY wire name // Beckham + Bella

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