Friday, October 28, 2016

A little upgrade in the bathroom

We finally have a mirror in our bathroom! I'm so happy that I wanted to share it with you! We painted the bathroom 3 years ago. I took off the ugly cabinet we had and expected to find a nice mirror quickly. Obviously this didn't happen! I wasn't sure of what I wanted and didn't put to much attention on it!
Last weekend I feel like a need to order the kids closets, sorting the clothes, folding and organizing everything. There is a small room next to my daughter, which a day it will become a bathroom, but for now we use it as an attic (understand the place to store any kind of craps). As I was in a cleaning-organizing mood, and it only happens once in a while, I cleaned it too. And I found that:

We have this standing mirror in our bedroom for a while, then one of the feet broke and I took it off. As it's not a style that I like, I just put it in the attic and forgot about it! I was about to throw it away when it occurs me to try if it will works hanged in the bathroom. The size match perfectly above the sinks, and the oval shape looks great in contrast with the lines of the tiles. Even my husband agreed!!

I put two eye screws on the back and hang it on the wall! It looks so nice, I can't believe it took me so long to realize that we already have the perfect mirror! Conclusion: I have to order the house more often!

As you can see the bathroom is a work in progress, I'm still on the look for nice sconce lights, and I have to build some shelving under the sinks. Any suggestion?

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How to make a geometric room divider

 This room divider is one of the last tutorial I made for Bob Vila. I just love how it turns out, I was inspirited by this pin. It's much easier to build than it seems and it's a perfect weekend project. It's so practical to have a paravent to divide the space following the need. It can be use to create a privacy nook or to separate two different living areas in the same room.  It’s easy to move around and even to store, by just folding it, if you need to use all your space at one time. For the moment it stands in my living room, I just use it as a graphic decor!

The full tutorial is HERE on Bob Vila

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Monday, October 24, 2016

DIY to try # Sconce lights

I try to work little by little in the bathroom decoration. As you saw on the rope shelf picture, we still need a mirror and some nice sconces. I finally found the perfect mirror and I will share pics of it on Friday post. I didn't spot any nice wall lamp at the store yet. So I'm considering to DIY them. The only thing who makes me hesitate is, that is a wet room and I want the lighting to be 100% safe. So maybe a customization of a waterproof light would a better option. What do you think? Did you ever DIY any lighting for the bathroom? When I see what my fellow bloggers made, I'm tempted to give it a try! Let's have a look at those awesome homemade sconce lights.

DIY gilded accordion sconce // Francois et moi

DIY copper wall sconce // Vintage revivals

DIY cage light sconce // Nalle's house

DIY wall sconce task light //  Vintage revivals

DIY Brass sconce globe // A Beautiful Mess

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Friday, October 21, 2016

How to make a desk lamp with can

A little addition to my daughter desk with a homemade lamp. This was quite simple to make and cost almost nothing. I used a can to make the lampshade, some 1x2 in. wood pieces for the foot, 2 yard of wire, a plug, a switch, a socket, and a bulb. The pencil holders are also a DIY, I made them with plastic bottles and a tuna can....It seams that I'm a lot into can recycling lately ;) The tutorial for the pencil holder is HERE.

Use the plug as a shape and draw a circle in the back of the can with a sharpie. Cut it out, little by little, using a cutter.

Cut four pieces in the 2x1 in. wood. Three pieces have to be 8 inches length and one is 12 1/2 in. long. One edge of the longer piece must be cut at a 45 degree angle.

With a drill, make two holes in the back of the can, just under the socket hole.

Screw a 8in. wood with the can. Put the two screw from the inside of the can. I used 3/4 in. screw, that way, it doesn't go through the wood.

Keep building the lamp foot, by fixing the 12 1/2 in. wood at the end of the 8 in. one. The 45 degree angle next to the end of the first wood. Use some glue and two screws to fix both wood together.

To make the base, glue and screw two 8 in. wood pieces, aligned with the end of the wood. You must place one on each side, and use two screws to fix them.

Drill two holes in the lamp foot, to pass the wire. On in the first wood and a second  next to the base. The drill bit must be the same dimension as you cable wire. Pass the wire through the holes, then mount the switch and the plug.

Use a glue gun or any silicon glue, to fix the socket into the can hole. Then you can put the bulb in place, please use only energy saving bulb or LED.

The last thing to do is to make the lampshade pretty. Cut a rectangle of paper, same dimension as your can, and glue it around. I like to use glue stick, it avoids the paper from curling.

And done!!! A brand new desk lamp! What do you think? Of course you can easily personalize it, you can for example paint the wood, and choose any paper graphic you like! If you make one, I would love to see it!! Just drop me a comment!

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