Wednesday, April 27, 2016

DIY drop magnets

A kid friendly tutorial I made for Dream a Little Bigger: some drop magnets! I don't now if you have the same problem as me, I'm always short in fridge magnets. Maybe because we have the kids "art gallery" and a bunch of reminder notes displayed on the fridge door. Part of the solution will be organizing (hahaha...nope) and making more magnets (much funnier). You know what option I picked, those salt dough magnets are very easy to make and cost almost nothing. Have a look at the tutorial HERE.

And this how my fridge really looks like! Yep...I have kids who loves drawing. If you want to make the cute magnet photo frame, the tutorial and freebie are HERE. They are at the top left on the pic...just in case you couldn't spot them in all the mess.

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  1. This is so nice to look and this is very helpful for child.

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