Friday, April 29, 2016

DIY pinata key chain

A little key chain inspirated by the traditional Mexican pinata, the perfect little gift for 5 de Mayo. It's quite simple to make, you will need a few wooden beads, yarn, some string and a key ring.

First pass the ring into the string, slide a bead and make a knot.

Pass a bigger bead, make a knot, and glue the bead with the string.

If you like too, you can decorate the bead to make your little pinata more funky!

Pass a few piece of yarn in each little cone bead, and glue them inside the bead to make the pinata branches.

Glue the five branches on the big bead, and done, your pinata key chain is ready to be use! I hope you enjoyed it, if you are on the look for more key ring ideas, you can have a look HERE and HERE.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

DIY drop magnets

A kid friendly tutorial I made for Dream a Little Bigger: some drop magnets! I don't now if you have the same problem as me, I'm always short in fridge magnets. Maybe because we have the kids "art gallery" and a bunch of reminder notes displayed on the fridge door. Part of the solution will be organizing (hahaha...nope) and making more magnets (much funnier). You know what option I picked, those salt dough magnets are very easy to make and cost almost nothing. Have a look at the tutorial HERE.

And this how my fridge really looks like! Yep...I have kids who loves drawing. If you want to make the cute magnet photo frame, the tutorial and freebie are HERE. They are at the top left on the pic...just in case you couldn't spot them in all the mess.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

DIY to try # Display shelves

Instead of having small items lying around the house and taking the dust, highlight them in a nice display shelf. It's a great way to decor a wall, and you will make some room on your counters. Those shelves are quite simple to make and will undoubtedly be a focal point of your decor. Have fun organizing your little collectibles!

DIY canevas shelf // The Merrythought

DIY honeycomb shelves // Burkatron

 How to make hanging shelves // Why don't you make me?

DIY wooden triangle shelves // The Merrythought

How to make a hoop shelf // A Beautiful Mess

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Friday, April 22, 2016

How to make an open back t-shirt

It's been awhile since the last clothing tutorial. I should think of doing t-shirt customizing more often, it's fun and simple...the prefect evening DIY. For today, let's turn a plain white t-shirt into a cute back opening blouse.

You will need a t-shirt and 7 feet of lace ribbon. The one I pick is a little to wide. I would say that a 1 inch - 1 1/2 inch wide lace ribbon will work best.

The first thing to make, is giving the shirt the right shape with a few scissors snips. Mark the t-shirt back center and cut on the full-length.

Cut out the bottom seam of the t-shirt.

Trim the bottom of the back opening. Take a round shape, like a plate or a pot lid, and draw a quarter circle on both side on the shirt.

Cut a V neck on the back. Trace a line from the center, at 7 inches, to the shoulder seam and cut both sides.

Cut also the t-shirt neck.

Second part, sew the lace on the shirt. Start by pinning the lace all along the back and he bottom edge.

Sew the lace and the shirt together. Do it slowly without pulling the fabric shirt, otherwise you'll have a wavy edge.

Put the two sides of the back opening on top of each other and made a few hand stitches to finish your shirt. I didn't want a too opened shirt so I sew about 10 inches, up to you to sew less (or more) depending how you want to wear your shirt.

And tadam! The cheap t-shirt turns into a stylish blouse! I have a little confession to make, I had to make it twice. In the first attempt I kept the original t-shirt neck, without cutting the V on the back. It didn't looks good and makes a lot of weird folds. So I unstitch (boooooring) the lace and start again, hopefully, for a much nicer result.

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