Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The best of the month # February

Quickly before the end of March, here are the post of February you like the best. I cheat a little bit this time, the number one post last month was the ninja eggs ... but Easter is behind us and we have seen enough eggs until next year. So I've arbitrarily and unfairly disqualified them (Sorry Ninjas ;)

The third place went to the trivets round-up, 7 great tutorials how will embellish your table. 
Second place is for the polka dot wall I made in my daughter bedroom, this was a really fun a quick project to complete. And the first place is for the printable polka dot lampshade...we all love polka dot, don't we?

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Monday, March 28, 2016

5 DIY to try # How to build accent wall

Sometime just changing a wall makes all the room feel new. We already had done a accent wall round-up in the past (HERE), those were mainly different ideas to paint walls. Today it's about different technique: how to make a panel wall, a fake brick wall and even a faux concrete wall. It surely involves more work than a simple coat of paint but it gives a very personalized wall finish. Keep in mind that these techniques can be a great solution to cover a damaged wall. Enjoy and get inspired!

 DIY paneled wall // Jenna Sue

 DIY faux concrete wall // Apartment therapy

DIY Plank wall // Life, crafts and whatever

DIY washi tape wall // Land of nord

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Friday, March 25, 2016

DIY copper and wood plant stand

I keep working in the backyard and moving around my house plants. So it was time to find a new place for this little palm tree (no idea of the correct name) for which I made the plastic bottle planter times ago. Two weeks ago I made a round-up post about DIY plant stands, I really love the one Amanda made...So I just followed her tutorial.

You know I like upcycled paint bucket and I still have a one, so I use it as planter.

I just cut out the top part and sand it. I spray paint the bucket. I apply a primer coat, and them two coats of black.

I cut the wood pieces and assemble them following Amanda's tutorial. 
My plant stand is a little shorter, and I add copper caps on each dowel ends.

Here is the assembled stand. 

This plant is really too cramped in this pot, time to move buddy!

More room in the new pot! I hope it will continue to grow well, now that it has a brand new and stylish plant stand!

Pin it for later!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

DIY sliding door

This is one of the biggest DIY project I ever made, a sliding door between the entrance and the playroom. It took me two days to complete but it totally worth it! Now, I can hide the playroom mess easily when someone knock the door! The door was build with a wood frame and plywood panels. I used a curtain rod and caster to make it slide. You will find the detailed tutorial on Bob Vila.

A sliding door is a good solution is you want to separate spaces but have no room for a regular swing door. Or if your doorway has no standard dimensions.
You can adapt the sliding door dimensions to any room.

A before pic, that way you can appreciate the work ;)

View from the entrance. And the tutorial to make those nice wall lamps is HERE.

And view from the playroom.
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