Monday, February 23, 2015

DIY Monday # Origami

Paper is the most common office and crafts supplies, but did you ever thought on using it as decoration?  Here are some amazing home decor origami projects. Easy to do but with a impressive impact. Let's have fun folding paper and decorating! Have a nice Monday!

DIY pendant lamp from grocery bags // A piece of rainbow

DIY origami decor piece // Kristi Murphy

DIY origami wall display // Design*Sponge

Cache pot en papier // Madame citron

Origami eggs holder // How about orange

Origami ball // One dog woof

Paper frames // Kreativbuehne

Origami crane mobile // Clad and cloth

Origami vase // Ludorn

Paper lantern // Skona hem

Friday, February 20, 2015

How to make letters cushions

As I said it before, I love cushions. Easy to do they add a nice color touch at the interior! This time, I gave a try with letters cushions, I made those for my son. It was fun to sew his name ( and I'm glad we piked a short one)! As you may know I'm a contributor for Dream a Little Bigger. So, you will find the step by step tutorial over there. Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Make a planter with a plastic bottle

I like plants but I'm pretty bad at taking care of them. I was in charge of my mother in law plants when she went on holidays...well let just say I'm happy to have found the same flowers she had to replace them! I can only take care of two kind of plants: cactus because you never need to water them and papyrus cause you always need to water them....anything in between is a problem!
So I wanted to give a try with a self watering plant pot, the kind when you water to much or to little the plants don't die right away! What better than a recycled version!

 Take a 6L plastic bottle and cut the neck.

Take a piece of fabric and fix it on the bottle neck with a rubber.

Put the neck bottle part inside of the bottle bottom.

Add soil and put your plant in it. Water it, the excess water remains in the bottom of the bottle, and if you forget to water the soil stays wet anyway....well I let you know if it works!

As practical as the bottle planter is, it's definitively not pretty. So I made a fabric basket, following Haberdashery Fun's tutorial. And Voila!

If you like the hexagonal tray, the tutorial is here. And for the stars cushions, you can have a look here.

Monday, February 16, 2015

DIY Monday # Bathroom

Bathroom maybe one of the hardest room to get organized. Between shampoo, soap, makeup, beauty products, hair accessories...things can get out of control very easily! No need to say that if you've kids the mess is even worse! Am I the only one who have three different toothpaste? (princess's toothpaste, Car's toothpaste and regular one)
As we all want to enjoy a relaxing time in our bathroom, here are some DIY to organize and embellish it. Have a nice Monday!

 DIY towel ladder // Smitten studio

Copper cup organizer // A beautiful mess

 DIY wooden tissus box cover // The Merrythought

DIY Laundry bag // Design love fest

 Homemade cleaner // Live simply

 DIY towel hanger // Monsters circus

 DIY painted rug // Homemade by Carmona

 DIY mason jar storage // Liz Marie blog

 DIY rustic modern bench // Timber and lace

 Statement shower curtain // A beautiful mess

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