Monday, July 29, 2013

Customized bow shirt

I had this shirt for years and it's been awhile since I wear it. It was time to refresh it with a fairly simple customizing. The all process took me only 30 minutes, quick and easy, my favorites projects!

You gonna need:
A shirt, matching fabric, thread, scissors, and a sewing machine.
I also had this coupon fabric for years ... I even think I retrieve it from my mom, lucky me they match together!
 The first thing to do is to cut the neck. Then, cut a piece of fabric 7" x 65" - 18 cm x 165 cm.
Folds in half lengthwise, wrong side out.
 Sewing as shown, except in the center where the shirt neck will fit.
 Cut extra fabric.
Turn right side out, and iron.
Fix the fabric on the shirt neck with pins and sew along.
 Et voila, wear and tie a bow!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Made by Joel

With  kids on holidays, I have less time to craft. Today I just wanted to tell you about a really cool website Made ​​by Joel. For those who don't know Joel already, is an artist and designer who makes "arts and crafts available and meaningful".
He creates games and crafts for children that are just beautiful. In addition to being talented, Joel is also very nice: games, coloring sheets and a lot of other activities can be downloaded in PDF.

So we had a great time playing with papers cities. My daughter chose the circus, and my son Paris, I think more for the Citro├źn 2CV than for the Eiffel Tower. A nice idea to keep your kids busy during the holidays.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Customized t-shirt

A simple idea to customize a shirt without sewing and with very simple materials!
I started with a XL man shirt, so result is pretty wide. But it is doable with smaller size if you want a fitting shirt.

You gonna need:
 T-shirt, chain, eyelets, pliers and scissors
 I cut the neck of the shirt using one of my shirt as model . If you don't have one, here are the dimensions I used. First draw then cut away. If you are in doubt, cut smaller (it is always possible to enlarge thereafter).

After cutting you should have something like this:
You have to cut the chains and place them on the shirt. Draw a point where to place eyelets.
 Put eyelets and chains.
Cut bottom and sleves.
 That's it! Enjoy
As the t-shirt is large, I made a belt with the remained chain. It can also be used as necklace!


Friday, July 12, 2013

DIY knot earrings

I'm not done with knots yet... it's addictive once you start! A nice idea to keep you busy this WE, making knots earrings!

You gonna need:
Rat tail cord (any color), glue, earrings supplies.

To make the white and pink earrings I made the monkey fist knot (just the knot I did't put a small ball in the center). The knot it's quite easy to realize, but its take a little more time to adjust because of its small size.

Once the knot is done, cut and paste the ends. After glue the earrings supports, I used silicone glue.

I made an other pair using the keyhole knot. I used elastic, but this is not practical at all, the rat tail cord works much better!
 By mixing different nodes and colors you have endless possibilities, I hope you like it, have a great weekend!


Monday, July 8, 2013

DIY Ceiling lamp

I have this idea in mind for a long time and, until now, I didn't taken the time to try to realize it. It's done now!
I was inspired by the Veroca lamp from B.lux. I've only done one but I think to do more, it looks nice when there are several.

You gonna need:

A square of paper 24"x24" / 60x60 cm (any kind of paper, it's gonna be use as pattern)
A square of white fabric 27"x27" / 70 x 70 cm (I used cotton)
Elastic 83" / 210 cm 
4 Grundtal ikea hangers (or any other similar)
White thread
Safety pin
Sewing machine
4 screws and 4 plugs

1. Cut the fabric using the paper square as pattern, leave extra fabric for seams.
2. Cut the corners of the fabric.
3. Sew the edge of each corner.
4. Fold the sides and make a seam.
5. Make the seam wide enough to be able to pass the elastic in it.
6. Attach the elastic on a safety pin and passes it into the seam.
7. Do the same for all 4 sides.
8. Finish knotting the two end of the elastic. And the sewing part is done!
 I had no ceiling lamp before so I tinkered something. Forgotten 9 and 10 if you already have a basic ceiling lamp. Before handling the lamp turn off the power.
9. I just had a light bulb,
10. So I set a plumbing pipe hanger and I pasted the plug socket on it.
11. Pick up the piece of paper and made ​​a hole in the middle to pass the electrical installation. Paste with tape where you like to have the lamp. With the drill, make a hole at each corner, place a plug and screw the hanger. When 4 hangers are placed, remove the paper and put the fabric. That's it!

  Remember to always use energy saving light bulbs (it doesn't heat and it's environmentally friendly)

 Light on...
....Light off!


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