Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DIY Rope necklace

Nobody could have missed ropes jewelry on blogs lately! So when I found this site I decided to give it a try too. It was much easier than I thought and I love the result. 

What you gonna need: rope, clasp, rings, chain, scissors and pliers.  
As you can see on Fusion knot there are tons of different nodes, each with a video tutorial. I chose to make the longhorn knot (without the last part of the tutorial where superiors loop is twisted ... I stopped the video at 2:17)
After cutting the ropes ends, I stitched on the back.
I added two pieces of chain that I sewed with the node. I obviously added the clasp, and that's it!
Et voilà!


Friday, June 21, 2013

DIY Make a stool with bucket #2

Second part of the tutorial to make a stool upcycling a paint bucket, if you missed it, here is the first part.

To make the cover, you gonna need:
Batting ( -/+ 1m2 / 1.2 yard), a piece of cushion foam, silicone glue, fabric and thread.
A sewing machine will make things easier.
Glue a first batting layer on the side of the bucket. Cut cushion foam to fit on the top and glue it.
Wrap a second layer of batting on all the height, paste and sew by hand batting edges together.
 Cut fabric on stool size, don't forget the extra fabric for seam (mine was 110x48cm /43"x19").
Sew a seam on one edge. Wrap the fabric around the stool, wrong side out, and adjust with pins.
Sew along the pins and cut the extra fabric. Turn the fabric right side out.
 Draw a circle on the fabric and cut out, leaving extra fabric for the seam. Pin your piece of fabric with the circle, wrong sides together, and sew.
 Turn right side out, and slide the cover on the stool. I didn't need to fix it, which will be easier to remove and wash.
I add details with embroidery thread to give a little color and fun.
Et voila! I hope you like it! The first part of the tutorial is here and if you want to see another paint bucket DIY go here!


Thursday, June 20, 2013

DIY Make a stool with bucket #1

We finish painting, making the closet (thanks Mister Carpenter), cleaning and organizing (I was kind of alone on that part) in our here comes the fun part: decorating!
I wanted a stool in our closed to put shoes on/take them off (we are not getting any younger), I've got an Ikea one...but it was more fun to make it!
Today the first part of the tutorial to make this stool upcycling a paint bucket (I've got few as you can imagine).

You gonna need for the part #1:
Dowel (diameter 3cm / 1.2"), 12 screws, 12 washers, bucket.
Drill, saw, screwdriver, level tool, measuring tape.
 Clean the bucket, and saw the top part as shown. The bucket height must be around 28 cm / 11". 
 Sand the edges.
Cut the dowel in 4 parts of 41cm/16" each, sand edges. Draw four vertical lines on the bucket. Lines must be equidistant. My bucket circumference was 90cm / 35.5" so I drew a line every 22.5 cm / 9". Then I measured the distance to place the screws. From bottom to top I placed 3 screws, at 3-13-23 cm / 1-5-9".
Drill holes in the bucket (3 for each dowel). Place dowel in the bucket. Mark the location of the holes with a pencil on the dowel. Drill holes where the pencil mark is, do it for each dowel.
Put washer and screw dowel to the bucket. I didn't have large clamps, so I stuck a piece of wood in the bottom of the bucket to keep the dowel fixed while I drove the screw.
What you must have at this point! Not pretty (yet) but functional stool! See you tomorrow for the second and last part of the tutorial!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

DIY Bracelet

I'm a little busy this week. We started to work in our bedroom, so painting is done, carpenter built the closet yesterday (youpie!)...still have to do all finishing work, cleaning and organizing! I've got  a few new DIY idea to I will share it with you as soon as possible!
As I couldn't do anything yesterday (because of carpenter working) I made a little bracelet!
It's easy and I used basic jewelry material: Silver wire, clasp, rings, silver crimp bead and pliers. 
 Cut 8 wire pieces of 10" / 25 cm and fix it 2 by 2 with a crimp bead on the clasp.
You will have 4 pair wire (not like the picture ... I added a pair after)
 Start attaching wire 2 by 2 with a crimp bead, so as to form a trellis shape.
Stretch on the side to give shape to the bracelet. Finish by attaching the wire with a ring.
 Et voila!
As I didn't write the blog in Spanish anymore, I added Google translate in the sidebar, hope it will be useful!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

DIY Cardboard photo frame

It's been awhile since I made something with cardboard, I almost forgot it was soo nice and fast!
And like father's day is coming it was the perfect opportunity to do something. It tooks me about two hours to realize this project. I'm gonna put picture of my two kids in it as a father day's present!

So you gonna need:
Cardboard (2mm and 0.5mm thickness), 2 different papers (I used brown Skyvertex and beige tissue paper), white glue, paint brush, pencil, equerre, cutter, and scissors.

Here are pieces you gonna cut in cardboard, A/B in 2mm and C/D in 0.5 mm cardborad.
1. Glue A pieces on wrong side skyvertex paper, rectangles must be parallel with a 0.8" (2 cm) space between .them. Paper should exceed rectangles around 0.8" (2 cm)
2. Cut paper angles.
3. Fold paper and glue on cardboard. Cut an extra piece of paper and gue it on the center, to fill the gap between rectangles. You make the hinge to fold your photo frame.
4. Cut 2 rectangles on beige paper, 7" x 5.1" (13cm x 18 cm)
5. Glue them on the inside.
6. What you must have at this point, the back of your photo frames.

To glue, I spread white glue with a brush and then I flatten the paper by hand.
7. Glue D pieces on back of B pieces
8. Cut 2 rectangles on beige paper and glue on the front.
9. Cut angles and center. Fold and glue on the back. You must have 2 beige frames.
10. Glue brown rectangle paper on C pieces (wrong side together), and cut angles on paper.
11. Fold and glue paper. You must have 2 brown frames.
12. You gonna glue the three pieces together.
      First glue the beige frames on the back part, one on each side, leaving free the hinge in the middle.
      Then glue brown frame on top of beige frame.
To be sure that all the parts are well glued together you can put them under a pile of book (or something heavy) to press until glue dries.

Et voila! Folded and Opened!

If you want to do more cardboard stuff or if you look for nice paper, material and tutorial take a look at L'éclat de verre. You can also check my other cardboard projects: toys and craft supplies organization

I kind of ruined the surprise showing the gift on the blog before the day ... but with luck he will not even notice!
So tell me, what did you plan for father's day? 


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