Monday, April 29, 2013

DIY wolf costume

Tomorrow is "el dia del niño", so there is an event organized on school. Parents of each class must present a show! We have to play the tale of Little Red Riding Hood ... and you have understood my role in the play!
I obviously had not wolf  costume at hand, so I found this tutorial and pattern on the wonderful Elli blog!

I made it with foam and sew the pieces on the sweater (still want to use it after the play). It was very simple to do, hope kids are gonna like it! I'll let you know, See you!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DIY wrapped belt

I sewed this belt month ago but didn't have time to post the, I finally share it with you!
I wanted a versatile belt to wear with dresses. It's always flattering to wear something around the waist, it's make look wouldn't want that?

So you gonna need: Faux leather fabric, matching thread, fabric glue and a sewing machine of course.

 I made it in 3 parts, one center piece and two side strips. Here are measures of the central part, you may have to adapt it at your size.
So it's 55cm/22" length, 12cm/4.5" high in the center part, and 6cm/2.5" high on the sides. 
Then you have to cut 2 side strips, 105cm/41" length, 6cm/2.5" high on the side you gonna sew with the center piece, and 3cm/1" high on the other side. These are dimensions of the finished belt, do not forget to leave an edge for seam.
Sew the 2 side strips with the central piece. Then sew the flaps all along and finish gluing the extra fabric.
 That's it! Enjoy it and wear it different ways!

 Sorry for the bad quality of some picture! Hope you like it anyway!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Where have I been?

We spend a few weeks in Belgium visiting family and friends! As you can imagine, I didn't have much time to craft and post, sorry amigos!

It was a long trip down there, but the kids are used to and even more patient than me! It took a few days recovered from jet lag .. so we ate breakfast at 3 a.m. and enjoyed the sunrise.

 We had a lot of fun and I ate too much as usual ( it's once a year, I have to enjoy it right? )

Spring was late this year, but we still enjoyed despite the cold. 

Emmy was amazed at all the princess castles she saw! ( Château de Sombreffe / Château de Beloeil )

We even got a ride in a 2CV (Merci Tonton, Tantine and Jean-Pierre). The stay went too fast, and we're already back home! See you soon for a new tutorial!


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