Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas popsticks / Palillos de navidad

A very simple idea to make Christmas decoration with popsticks! I love the seemed vintage look!
It can even be done with your kids (to keep them busy during holidays).

Una idea muy simple para hacer una decoración navideña con palillos! Me encanta se aspecto vintage!
Incluso se puede hacer con sus hijos (para ocuparlos durante las vacaciones)

I made holes with a drill using a thin wick, and paint them gold. 
Hice los agujeros con un taladro y una brocha fina, y los pinte de oro.

Threads elastic through the holes and pearls, make a knot. Fill the center with silicone and glue a pearl on top to finish.

Pasar el hilo elástico por los agujeros y las perlas, hacer un nudo. Rellene el centro de silicona y pegar una perla en la parte superior para terminar.

Make it in all colors and with different pearls! Have fun!

Hagan lo en todos los colores y con perlas diferentes! Que se diviertan! 


Monday, November 26, 2012

Advent calendar / Calendario navideño

I wanted my kids to count down the days until Christmas (and maybe stop asking me 10 times a day if Santa will come soon). So I keep on with the Christmas crafts, and made an advent calendar with toilet paper rolls.

Quería que mis hijos pudieran descontar los días hasta Navidad (y tal vez dejar de preguntarme 10 veces al día si Santa vendrá pronto). Así que segui con las manualidades de Navidad, y hice un calendario con rollos de papel higiénico.

 Material: Toilet paper rolls, tissue paper or crepe paper, Christmas wrapping paper, ribbon and glue.
I cut the roll into two or three pieces, but you can leave them whole, it depends of what you want to put  inside. Close the bottom of the rolls gluing the tissue paper.

 Material: rollos de papel higiénico, papel chino o papel crepé, papel de envoltura navideño, listón y pegamento.
Corte los rollos en dos o tres piezas, pero los pueden dejar enteros, depende de lo que quiere poner adentro. Cierra la parte inferior de los rollos pegando el papel chino. 

Put surprises inside the rolls and closes them with tissue paper.

Ponga las sorpresas adentro de los rollos y cierra con papel chino.

Cut strips on the Christmas paper and glue them around rolls.

Cortar y pegar las tiras de papel Navideño alrededor de los rollos.

Glue the rolls together and pass a ribbon around (paste if necessary).

Pegue los rollos juntos y pasar un listón alrededor (pegarlo si es necesario).

Et voilà!

Break paper every day to discover what surprise is inside! Have fun!

Rompa el papel diario para descubrir la sorpresa que esta adentro! Diviertan se!



Friday, November 23, 2012

Pasta necklace / Collar

I always remember my mom who used to receive our horrible necklaces made at school for Mother's Day. It was always flashy colored pasta. And when we asked why she never wore them ... she always had the same diplomatic answer: "It doesn't match with my blouse today!" 
It's how the necklace pasta idea came back...well, I used spaghetti instead!

Siempre me acuerdo de mi mamá que recibía nuestros horribles collares hechos en la escuela para el Día de la Madre. Siempre eran pastas de colores llamativos. Y cuando se le preguntaba por qué nunca los llevaba ... ella siempre tenía la misma respuesta diplomática: "No combina con mi blusa hoy!" 
Así es como la idea del collar de pasta regresó ... bueno, he usado espaguetis!

Material: A piece of fabric (I used faux leather), white glue, spaghetti, acrylic paint, chain and clasp.

Material: Un pedazo de tela (yo usé piel sintética), pegamento blanco, espagueti, pintura acrílica, cadena y broche.

Draw your design on the back of the fabric, glue the spaghetti on top. Once the glue is dry, cut and paint the spaghetti. Fix the chain and done, wear it!

Dibuja tu diseño en la parte posterior de la tela y pega los espaguetis. Una vez que el pegamento esté seco, recorta y pinta los espaguetis. Fija la cadena y listo!

For more inspiration check the version of Munuputum


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Liebster Award

This Monday, I have been nominated by Kendra from Pots, pans and paint brushes for the Liebster Blog Award! Thanks Kendra!

But…..what is the Liebster Award?

A designation given by bloggers to other up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers. The purpose of it is to show appreciation and help spread the word about blogs. Great idea!

Rules of the Award:

  1. Write 11 random things about yourself
  2. Answer 11 questions that the nominator set for you
  3. Create 11 questions for your nominees
  4. Nominate 11 blogs with less than 200 followers (link them in your post, let them know they’ve been nominated, no tag back!)
11 Random Things About Me:
  1. I don’t wake up without a coffee.
  2. I like silence
  3. I love eating but not cooking.
  4. I’m Belgian.
  5. I live in Mexico for almost 5 years now, because of my lovely Mexican husband!
  6. I ‘don’t like camping but go because my family loves it! And we always have great time all together.
  7. I designed my house.
  8. I would love to visit japan
  9. I miss my family and friends who lives far away.
  10. I make really good waffles.
  11. I own too many pair of shoes.
 Response to Kendra’s Questions for Me:

1.      Favorite ice cream flavor? I’m not a big ice cream fan…but I like frambuesa flavor

2.      If you could have a super power, what would it be? I would love to be able to understand and speak any language. 

3.      What inspired you to start blogging? I wanted to share with other people and have more comments than my husband’s  “oooh”  and  “aaah” when I was showing him my crafts stuffs.

4.      Where is your most unique scar, and how’d you get it? Under the chin, I get it when I was 15, wanting to jump over a fence.  I've never been sporty!

5.      If you could drop everything to pursue your dream career, what would it be? I don’t want to drop anything; I’m happy home with my kids and husband. 

6.      How many kids do you have or want?  I have two kids, a 4 year old boy and an almost 3 year old princess!

7.      We’re going on vacation. Where are we going?  In Mexico, there is still a lot I want to see around here!

8.      What is your favorite motto/quote/saying? If you want you can!

9.      We’re opening a restaurant. What kind of restaurant are we opening? Any kind as long as I don’t have to cook!

10.  Name a guilty pleasure. Eating potato chip with diet coke (I know “diet” doesn’t make sense) watching TV.

11.  What are your top three arts and crafts weapons? White glue, sewing machine and drill (maybe not together)

Questions for my Nominees:

1.       Do you have a pet? If so, which one?
2.       What are your favorite holidays?
3.       What was your worst hair cut?
4.       What is your favorite restaurant?
5.       If anything was possible, what thing you would like to change in your life?
6.        How many pair of shoes do you own? And what is your favorite?
7.       Where did you grow up?
8.       What song do you sing (or scream) when you drive alone?
9.       Which city would you like to visit?
10.   What would be your dream car?
11.   Which one of your craft/DIY/project are you the most proud of?

My Liebster Blog Nominees:

1.  NoxCreare
3.  bas redesign 
6.  Poule du lux 
8.  Amaladine

Blogs are not ranked in order of preference and are all very cool. And I cheated a bit because some are a bit above the 200 followers.
I hope to see your answers quickly!

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