Friday, January 20, 2017

Our kitchen upgrade

I'm so glad to finally share our kitchen upgrade with you! It's been a long process. When we build the house we were so broke that we had to start only with the essential things. The kitchen at this time was just the concrete counter top and the concrete bar, no paint, no cabinet...nothing!

Here are a few pics of the kitchen before, as we needed some cheap storage solution, I put some plastic drawers under the counter. It was ugly and not the most practical but still better than nothing!

And then the miracle happened, we had custom-built cabinet under both counters. For once it's not a DIY, even if I had thought of that possibility a million time. Kitchen cabinets are really specific and detailed carpentry better let the professional made it!

I choose to put a lot of drawers, it's the most practical storage option! I first wanted build in handles, but couldn't find anything I like. So I went for simple and modern ones, and I'm very happy with the final choice. 

We still have one last thing to do, put an extractor hood above the stove! 


No worries, my kitchen NEVER looks that clean and organize. I spend an hour and a half organizing and cleaning everything before taking the pics. And yes, my fridge usually disappear under hundred of kid's drawings and diet plans :)

The spices drawer...maybe my favorite thing in the kitchen! It's so practical, you have any spice container on hand in no time!

Little hook next to the window with the DIY key holder storage box (tutorial HERE).

 A little home made shelf on the counter top to store the oils, coffee and tea.

A few pics of the dinning room, which is just next to the kitchen. 

I completely upgraded the dresser a few years ago, more details HERE. As we have a big open room that include the kitchen, dinning room and the living room, we can use the geometric room divider to separate the space. (tutorial of the screen HERE)

When I see the pics I realize that a lot of item are DIY (the marquee signs, the candle holders, the wall decor...and much more). So you can look for the tutorials using the search box on the side menu or just leave me a comment and I will drop you the link to the tutorial.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

DIY cord choker wrap necklace

I think necklaces and earrings are my favorite jewelry items to wear! It's always fun to create your own accessories. You can choose the shape and colors to mach your outfit. Plus it's a quite simple craft to make and you can enjoy it right away! This choker wrap necklace it the last craft I made for Dream a Little Bigger. A simple necklace with a boho vibe, perfect for this winter!

You will find the complete tutorial HERE

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Monday, January 16, 2017

DIY to try # chunky scarf

The weather is so cold that the only thing I want to do is stay in bed all day long under a chunky blanket with a good book! And if I can have someone who bring me cookies and coffee my life will be perfect...what???? It's not gonna happen???.... Back in real life, the more comfy item we can wear to stay warm and cozy is a big chunky scarf! These bloggers made some awesome scarves, I really have to give it a try! Which one is your favorite?

DIY hand knitted scarf // Jenelle  Nicole

 Infinity scarf pattern // Mama in a stitch

Infinity cowl scarf pattern // Mama in a stitch

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