Friday, June 23, 2017

How to make a pretty toilet paper cover

This fern hide a secret...I remember that my grand-mother has (and probably still have) a fabric hat to hide the extra toilet paper roll in the toilets. It was made in the same fabric as the curtains and the wallpaper, a little kitsch but kind of cool also. So as I don't like to see toilet paper laying around, I decided to make a modern version of it, hiding the paper under an artificial fern! I guess this project is very kitsch but it's kind of fun to hide the toilet paper in a planter!

Material you need: A planter (big enough for a paper roll), some cardboard, some small gravels, an artificial plant, paint, white glue, glue gun, scissors, and cutting pliers.

Place your planter upside down on the cardboard and report the circle shape on it.

Cut the circle slightly smaller than the circle shape you draw. The cardboard piece need to fit into the planter.

Paint the cardboard the same color as the gravels you will use to simulate the soil. I choose black, but it will work in any natural shade.

Once the paint is dry, make a hole in the cardboard center with the scissors tip. 

Apply white glue on the cardboard and glue the gravels on it. Don't worry, the glue will become transparent when it dries. You can also use silicone glue if you prefer.

Once the glue is dry, pass the plant into the hole. Cut the stem if necessary.

Put some hot glue on both side to fix the plant with the cardboard base.

Put a paper roll in the planter, and place the plant cover on top of it! And done! Place it next to the toilet!

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

How to incorporate your television in your living room?

Adding a television to your home can be very exciting as it will provide an activity that your entire family can enjoy together in the evenings or after a long day at work or school. While adding this item to your home is exciting, you have to make sure that it fits in your space and coordinates well with your decor. This article will help you with finding seamless ways to incorporate a new television into your living room.

Size of your room vs. size of your television
Before you decide on the size of your television, you will need to measure the living room and make sure that you actually have enough space for the item. You will also need to consider if you have enough seating in your living room to be able to enjoy using it. If you do not have comfortable seating, this is another consideration to keep in mind. Once you have determined the size of your living room, you can then decide on how big of a television you should purchase. For example, it is a good idea to buy a tv that is proportionate to your space. If you have a large room, you will want to get a larger tv. A small tv would not look good as the space would over power it. Not to mention that you would have a hard time viewing the programs on your tv if it was too small to see from across the room. On the contrary, you will want to avoid purchasing a tv that is too big for your space. This can be overwhelming and can overpower your living space.

Before deciding where you will place your tv in your house, you will want to consider your natural lighting sources, such as windows. You may also want to consider where you have your lamps placed in the room too. The reason for this is that lighting can detract from your tv and make it a challenge to view. To avoid the frustration, make sure that you do not have light shining towards the screen of your tv.

Mounting options
If you do not want to purchase a console or television stand you may want to consider mounting your tv to the wall. This is quite popular as it saves space and is a nice clean, look. Before purchasing a mount, you will want to make sure that it is rated to fit your tv. In addition, be sure that the mount you purchase can withstand the weight of your tv.

When you are choosing a place to mount your tv, consider a place on the wall that has studs and can hold a heavy piece of equipment. Also consider mounting your tv in a space that does not have a lot of traffic as you do not want it to get bumped in to. This could compromise the mount and cause damage to your tv or wall.

Now that you have your tv set up, consider contacting to get connected to superb television service.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Make a fun paper garland for your summer party

No matter what are your plans for the summer, there is always a party to celebrate! We all agree that making a barbecue with family and friends, it's one of the best thing to do in summer time. If you are looking to jazz up your decor with a tropical vibe, this craft is for you.
This fun tropical garland is simple to make and very cost effective. You just need colored paper sheets, some glue and a pair of scissors. You can find my step by step tutorial HERE, on Dream a Little Bigger. Have fun and enjoy your party!

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

What You Need to Know About the Demolition and Renovation of a New Home

When you decide to make changes in your home, you do not make choices in an instant. Weighing the factors should be taken into consideration to avoid conflicts which may come along the way.
Changing parts of the house, or its entirety, are two different things. These are called either demolition or renovation. You will deal with each differently, but both needs careful planning before execution.
Before you decide, know how demolition and renovation work for your home.
What is demolition?
Demolition is defined as removing the entirety of an establishment from a site in a short period of time. Though the process can be fast, it also takes careful planning for one to be executed.
This is important so it will not cause unfortunate results after. Factors like the establishment’s historical significance and considerations on the environment are just some of the things to be noted.

One thing that demolition requires is that it needs professional help. A homeowner cannot do it alone. You may opt to hire a company which renders services of demolition. You will also have to book earth-moving equipment rental needs like Rent1 USA. Find service providers which give the most affordable but quality rates for your demolition projects. Their crew shall take care of the demolition as they know best what to do.
Before doing this, you should also get a permit to the local government. Secure permits and do not let conflict get in the way.
Here’s a tip: Demolition can be messy and noisy. Consider your neighbors. It is much better if you give them a token of appreciation for their understanding. It can be a bottle of wine or bake them a box of cookies.
Demolition can be gross too. When you removed everything in the house, chances are you will discover the deepest and grossest garbage hidden in kitchen counters or underneath areas of the house. Prepare to have a big trash bin to welcome all the garbage so you will need not to worry where you will put them after the demolition day. Check if some can be recycled or repurposed or you may want to donate or sell some.
What is renovation?
Renovation means you will be reconstructing or remodel a part of your home.  Some think that opting for a renovation is the cheaper way instead of a demolition. But do not fall into this trap. A homeowner also needs to address factors such like the size, location, building materials, features, site work and more.
Hire a contractor and let the house be inspected. Even if you opt for a renovation, when the findings say the house should be put into a whole demolition process because of its poor condition, then you must comply. This will be a better and safer idea.
During renovation projects, it is not advised to live within its premises. People living in the house may affect their health and can cause them allergies and asthma, especially for kids.
Another note is that a newly constructed home is better than renovated ones. It can save energy and money at the same time.
Before making your big decision, know what your house needs—demolition or renovation. From there, you can come up on your next move.

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