Monday, October 5, 2015

5 DIY to try # tealight candles

Almost each time I'm in front of tealight candle on a store, I end up by buying a pack. Because you know: it's useful and cheap. Well let just say that I have a quite impressive stock of tealight candles by now! It's time to thing how to use them, to do so, nothing better than some good DIY ideas!

In case I don't have time to complete a project soon, I can still use those calaveras printable. Perfect for this time of the year!

 DIY faceted tealight holder // Gatering beauty

Wooden tealight holder // Johanna Rundel

 DIY tealight paper houses // Craft and creativity

DIY clay votive // A Beautiful Mess

Friday, October 2, 2015

DIY wooden desk organizer

Here goes the last tutorial I made for Bob Vila!

An easy DIY to keep your office organized. It’s always easier when everything has a specific place. Nothing better than a desk organizer: pencils on hand, a spot for your phone and a notch to store the mail! Much practical than looking at your stuff under dozen of paper sheets.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

DIY rug with old denims

I wear denims everyday, it's like my uniform. As everything, after a while they become old and have holes. As I hate to throw away...even old clothes, I try to find ways to upcycle things. I already made a recycled denim basket, this time I give a try with a DIY rug. I love how it turns out. It's not very complicated to make but it does take time to cut out and sew the fabric pieces together. The result totally worth the time, and my son have a nice rug to play on his bedroom.

The finished rug will have a diameter of 5 feet 10 inches. You will need at least 7 denims pants to complete this project. I use some of my pants, size 10, and others from my husband. The smaller the pants are the more you gonna need...for once I was happy not to be a size 6 ;)

The first thing you need to do is drawing the pattern to cut out the pieces. Take some paper or cardboard you have around and trace a trapezoid. The large base dimension is 9 1/4, the high 27 1/2 and the small base is 2 inches (in centimeters this will be: 23.5 cm for the base, 70 cm high and 5.5 cm for the small side). You report the trapezoid shape on the denim and you cut out the piece, leaving 1 inch around for the seam.

You cut 4 pieces from each denim, you will need 24 pieces to complete the rug (which mean 6 pants.....I'm to good at math, I know ;)

A lot of cutting after you are ready to sew the pieces together.

Put two pieces wrong side on wrong side, and sew the long sides together.

Repeat with another piece, and another one...until you finished the circle. I had different denim colors, so I mix the pieces.

When all pieces are sewn, iron the seams. Don't skip this part if you want to have a nice flat rug!

Here we are, almost done. Fold the edge through inside and make a seam.

Take the last pant and cut a circle of 1 1/2 feet (43 cm) in it. It's fine if you need to sew fabric pieces together to make the circle. Pin the circle in the center and sew it with the rug. Iron the seam.

The rug is done! Happy dance!
Last and important step, if you want to avoid accident you need to put an anti-slip underlays. I use an ikea one and trim out the corners to fit the circle shape, but there is plenty of other options.
And now you can make a safe and happy dance on your new rug!

So what do you thing? Any other fabric we can use to make an upcycled rug?
If you like the crates storage in the picture below, take a tour HERE for the tutorial.
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